A look behind the scenes with interior designer Renate

A look behind the scenes with interior designer Renate

Did you know you can also visit Roomblush as a professional? Renate of Nine Dots Interior Design takes you through her creative interior design project. Starting with a mood board, where the Roomblush sample box comes in handy to finally choose the appropriate wallpaper from our wide range. Choose from over 150 wallpaper designs with or without customisation, as well as wall stickers and paint. Discover Renate's experience and redeem your exclusive and professional discount just like her.

This is Renate, the face behind Nine Dots Interior Design

Renate, the face behind Nine Dots, kicks off as the first interior designer. A Dutch native, she has two passions: her family and realising dream interiors. All her life, she has been involved in everything to do with interiors, homes and living. 
After completing her degree in Interior Design and Styling, she took the plunge in 2018 with the start-up of Nine Dots Interior Design. A super challenge she is incredibly proud of. Every day feels like a celebration because she gets to do what she loves most: designing the most beautiful interiors! 

Scandinavian interiors are Renate's main focus. Light interiors in combination with natural materials such as wood, concrete and plants. Hay, Ferm Living and Muuto are interior design brands that make her happy. She also loves wallpaper, as it adds extra charm to an interior. She calls herself a big fan of Roomblush, having worked with us since the beginning. 

A dream interior starts with a mood board

As an interior designer, Renate searches for her client's personal living style. She bundles all wishes together and adds her creative and practical solutions. The very first step in her advice is the creation of a digital moodboard, which shows at a glance the atmosphere she wants to achieve. It is the visual feedback of wishes and customer expectations. The main goal is for both parties to feel understood through the moodboard. 

Interior Moodboard | Faces wallpaper

Starting the design phase with the Roomblush Sample Box

At a later stage, Renate finds all the materials and colours together - this is always a treat! Roomblush's wallpaper samples are super handy for this. When we announced to work with a Sample box, she couldn't wait to order it. The ring binder makes the operation of the box very easy. You simply take out the samples and if she leaves a sample with a customer, she can easily reorder it. And on top of that, as a Roomblush professional, she gets to request 4 free samples of new collections once a year. Super handy!

Pieces Wallpaper Sample

Complete your interior with wallpaper

Renate first screens the room in question to determine where to place wallpaper. She shares some tips on how she chooses where to place wallpaper. 

  • Break a long wall in the living room by wallpapering part of it and placing the dining area here, for instance. This will give the dining area a clear function in the room. Then choose a colour from the wallpaper for the other walls. This creates unity in the room. 
  • Or think about wallpapering the corner or a part of the ceiling. Super nice and it instantly creates a nice space.
  • If a room has many doors and windows, such as a hallway, she recommends wallpapering the entire room. This creates a calm feeling despite choosing a busy print. 

Wallpaper is perfect for adding a personal touch to your interior. In addition, she often uses a Roomblush wallpaper as a colour palette for styling. Look closely at the central colours of the chosen wallpaper and shop accessories in these shades. Super easy! 

Pieces pastel wallpaper

Eucalyptus wallpaper

1000x thanks Renate

Thank you Renate for the kind words you share about Roomblush. Very nice to take us behind the scenes of an interior design project. And of course also to see that, as an interior lover, you love working with our products. 

Do you feel a click with Renate's work after reading this blog? Then don't hesitate to contact her at renate@nine-dots.nl and follow her interior adventure on Instagram

Interested in a professional collaboration with Roomblush? Send us at info@roomblush.com and we will be happy to share the possibilities. 

See you in a few months with someone new in the spotlight.

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