3 tips for gifts for a dream interior

3 tips for gifts for a dream interior

Looking for a present for a special occasion or just because? Preferably one that you know won't disappear behind a cupboard? Discover ideas for an original gift for the interior that your friends or family can enjoy every day. Tip: let them choose their favourite. With the Roomlush gift card, you will have no trouble putting a smile on someone's face.

With creative prints or timeless colours on your wall, you bring your unique style to life. Result: a brightened-up nursery or living space that you can enjoy each and every day. You can share that experience by giving your family or friends this gift. A small accessory or a complete interior makeover, it's up to you. Be inspired by our tips:

Gift idea #1: wallpaper

Basic DIY skills is all the lucky recipient needs. Because all you have to do to apply Roomblush wallpaper is to put glue on your wall. You can remove it just as easily, so it is perfect for a room you want to regularly re-style.

Need inspiration? With best sellers such as Safari, Pieces or Leopard, you are guaranteed to score.

Gift idea #2: combine wallpaper and paint

For a complete interior makeover, you gift a combination of wallpaper and paint in a matching or neutral colour. You can choose from high-quality wall, ceiling and wood paint from the Belgian brand Blisspaint. Due to its high coverage, you only need one layer. On top of that, the paint is washable so your wall will stay clean for ages.

Gift idea #3: wall sticker

If you want a gift to create a new atmosphere in no time at all, fill your parcel with a wall sticker. As long as the surface is smooth, you can use it to brighten up walls, doors or cupboards. Our range contains transparent versions with a free form, or the round stickers made of non-woven paper.

Bonus gift idea: Roomblush gift card

If you are unsure which wallpaper, paint or wall sticker is the best gift, you can play it safe with the Roomblush gift card. It is a handy solution from as little as €25 that you can order with a few clicks – perfect if you are someone who decides at the last minute.

With the gift code you receive, friends or family can choose their favourite product and design in the Roomblush shop. You can be sure the result will match their personal style.

So, what do you think: give a Roomblush gift card as a present for the next birth, birthday or housewarming?


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