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See the bigger picture with our panoramic wallpaper

See the bigger picture with our panoramic wallpaper

There is a new kid in Roomblush town: panoramic wallpaper or photo wallpaper. What is this exactly and what are the advantages? Below we have listed some of the reasons why people opt for these wallpapers.  

The main difference with the “standard” Roomblush wallpaper is the extremely large size with a width of 3 metres and a length of 2.85 metres. Panoramic wallpaper is 1 metre longer and this means that you can create a larger, continuous artwork onto your wall that tells its own story.

  1. Less repetition

With photographic wallpaper there is less repetition and it enables you to add a beautiful representation to your wall. Mountain Tops photo wallpaper makes it look as if someone painted your wall by hand. Your child will gently drift off to sleep among the mountains and birds. Lovely!

Wallpaper Mountain Tops

  1. Creates a sense of space

The larger the wallpaper, the larger the sense of depth and how bigger the room will seem. Jungle Animals wallpaper will make your room instantly feel bigger thanks to its compositions and fresh colours. It transforms your room into a paradise full of animals and tropical trees.

Wallpaper Jungle Animals

  1. Stimulates your children’s’ imagination

Creativity is incredibly important for your child’s development. Panoramic wallpaper stimulates and inspires your child’s imagination like nothing else. Take our Unicorn wallpaper with its imaginative figures, for example. This wallpaper will help your child to drift off to a world full of happy dreams. Space panoramic wallpaper is the perfect choice for the adventurers among us. This inspiring photographic wallpaper is available in 3 different colours: terracotta, beige and blue.

Wallpaper Space

  1. Same wallpapering method

We can already hear you think: I wonder if panoramic or photographic wallpaper is more difficult to apply? We are happy to reassure you that you can use the same method as with standard wallpapers. The only difference is that you have a two strips of 50cm extra. Roomblush has all the essential wallpaper material you need to save you a special trip to the DIY store. Our printable wallpapering manual will guide you through the process!

Wallpaper Sealife

Panoramic wallpaper is a unique way to let your wall tell a story. See our assortment of panoramic wallpaper and fall in love with one of our motives. From astronauts to fairy tales. We have got something for everyone!

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