Hanging instructions

Wallpapering doesn't have to be difficult! Follow the instructions below and you will certainly achieve a good result.

Hanging instructions


- Make sure the wall surface is smooth, clean, dry and uniform in colour.
- We recommend to apply a primer on your wall.
- Wallpaper at ± 18 to 20 degrees.

In warmer weather, the wallpaper may possibly shrink or curl up.

Apply the paste directly on the wall.

- Use Perfax for non-woven wallpaper.

If you chose dark wallpaper, we recommend you first paint the wall in a similar dark colour. We also recommend you apply light wallpaper to a light wall in case there are any open seams. It is also important to apply the different strips close to one another but without overlap.

The strips are numbered.

- Please respect this order.
- We recommend you number the strips you've cut at the top, above the design, with a pencil. That way, you will not waste any time and you will avoid lovers' squabbles :)

Paste the first strip

Start at the top of the wall and cut the redundant material below on the skirting board. Wipe outwards with a wallpaper spatula to remove bubbles. Do not rub with hands or cloth, otherwise you damage the surface.

Paste the next strips

Same start as for the first wallpaper strip. Attention! Strip 2 and 4 must be turned. Paste the strips very close against the neighbouring one.


Give your wall time to dry. Once it is dry, you will no longer see wet spots. Directly remove any glue spots with lukewarm water and a sponge (soft touching). Press the seams once with a roller.

PS: our wallpaper kit includes a handy seam roller ;-)