4 trending colors for 2023

4 trending colors for 2023

New year, new colors for your interior! Have you just moved house? Do you want to redecorate your little one's room? Exciting such an interior makeover , and the color of your room(s) is a crucial choice. Did you know that color has a big impact on our moods? That is why it is important to choose the right color(s). Below, we list the trend colors for 2023: baby blue, olive green, raspberry pink and terracotta. With these 4 colors, you are sure to make the best choice for your room! 

Ships | Wallpaper | Roomblush.com
Trend color 1: Baby blue

Blue is known as a rather cold color. It is often used in children's rooms because it has a "calm/silent" effect. Several scientific studies showed that when we look at blue: our adrenaline drops, our pulse rate slows down and our muscles relax. Sounds like the perfect way to put your child to sleep. Right? Moreover, blue reminds us of natural elements, such as the sky or the sea. Add clouds or boats to your little one's room for the playful effect. Or opt for a graphic touch thanks to the Puzzle wallpaper. 

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Trend color 2: Olive green 

Olive green was very popular in the 60s and is making a comeback in 2023! What makes it so trendy? The retro feel and versatility of this color, as it goes perfectly with gold, pastel shades or beige. Olive green brings a softness and a sense of comfort to your children's, bedroom or living room. Additionally, it is also reminiscent of nature and perfectly contributes to the calming atmosphere you expect from a bedroom. Our favorite green designs? Pieces, Animals in Frames, Dino and Ships

Leo | Wallpaper | Roomblush.com
Trend color 3: Raspberry pink

Want to see life through rose-colored glasses? Roomblush offers you the chance to see life in raspberry pink, what do you think?  Pop colors, like orange, fuchsia and pink promote our creativity and empathy for others. What else would you expect from a pink cloud ??. Raspberry pink is the ideal color for a cute room, playful loft or trendy office space. Our selection of pink Roomblush prints? Unicorns, Faces or Leo wallpaper. 

Wild Flowers | Wallpaper | Roomblush.com
Trend color 4: Terracotta

Want a warm and cosy (kids') room? Then terracotta is the perfect color! This color offers the perfect environment for relaxing. Because of the dark shade, we recommend combining it with lighter colors. Think of fun terracotta wallpaper prints, such as our Zebra, Safari or Wild Flowers. Then finish it off with rattan furniture and your room is completely insta-worthy! 

You now have all the information you need to create a dream room for your little ones or yourself! Let the wallpaper adventure begin!

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