Rebecca shares her professional interior design experience with Roomblush

Rebecca shares her professional interior design experience with Roomblush

Did you know that you can also turn into a Roomblush professional? Rebecca from Scherp Interieur takes you through her creative interior design project. Starting with a moodboard, where the Roomblush sample box comes in handy to finally choose the appropriate wallpaper from our wide range. Choose from over 150 wallpaper designs with or without customisation, as well as wall stickers and paint. Discover Rebecca's experience and redeem your exclusive and professional discount just like her.

Say hello to Rebecca, the face behind Scherp Interieur

Rebecca is the founder of Dutch creative design agency Scherp Interieur. She studied at the Rotterdam Interior Design Academy to do what she loves most: giving colour advice, interior design advice and practical home solutions. Her love for beautiful colours, prints and a tidy home made her start as an interior stylist 2 years ago. She has been working with Roomblush wallpaper since her very first interior design assignment. It was love at first sight!

Scherpinterieur |

Customer input and colour analysis? For a creative mood board!

Every interior project starts with a detailed conversation and a colour analysis. For this, Rebecca will pick colours together with her client. The favourite colours are chosen intuitively. Thanks to this personal method, the client is not confronted with any surprises and receives a plan that is completely tailored to their wishes.

By putting colour cards, wallpaper samples and material samples together, her clients get an idea of the interior project. For complete projects, she creates additional mood images to visualise the selected samples.

Combining colours goes through personal colour advice. Here she uses a number of different colours: warm and cold colours with the client's wishes in mind. Do they want an atmospheric living room, a calming bedroom, a cheerful children's room or to have a creative feel in their office? Every job is different and the right colour is so important here.

Scherpinterieur |

Roomblush Sample Box makes choosing easier

Rebecca takes the sample box to interior design consultations every time. After her in-depth interview and colour analysis, she knows exactly what the customer is looking for. Together, they then go through the sample box with prints that match these wishes and expectations. She likes having all the prints together and can give a sample to her customer. She then orders a new one afterwards to keep her box complete. 

Samenwerking | Stalenbox |

Finish your interior with wallpaper

The wallpaper theme varies from customer to customer. Thanks to her preliminary analyses, she always finds out what their style and taste is. Rebecca always makes sure the wallpaper fits the colour palette. Adding decorations is easy and can be done in the same colours as the chosen wallpaper, so it remains a nice whole. She usually recommends putting the wallpaper on one wall, but that depends on the room. Just turning a corner is also so cool!

Samenwerking | Wallpaper |


Roomblush x Rebecca

Thank you Rebecca for the kind words you share about Roomblush. Very nice to follow your thoughts during an interior design project. 
After reading this blog, do you feel a click with Rebecca's work? Then don't hesitate to contact her at and follow her interior adventure on Instagram.

Interested in a professional collaboration with Roomblush? Contact us at and we will be happy to share the possibilities. 

See you in a few months with someone new in the spotlight.

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