Interior talks with Daniela from Urban Soul Interiors

Interior talks with Daniela from Urban Soul Interiors

Did you know you can also use Roomblush as a professional? Daniela of Urban Soul Interiors takes you through her creative interior design project. Starting with a mood board, where the Roomblush sample box comes in handy to finally choose the appropriate wallpaper from our wide range. Choose from over 150 wallpaper designs with or without customisation, as well as wall stickers and paint. Discover Daniela’s experience and receive your exclusive and professional discount just like her.

Nice to e-meet you, Daniela

Daniela came to Brussels 16 years ago and immediately fell in love with the architecture and the interior style which is so different to her home town Vienna. At that time, she was still working in financial services and only spent her weekends strolling around Brussels’ antique and vintage shops. 5 years ago, she took the courage to quit her banking job in order to study interior design. She founded Urban Soul Interiors once she graduated 2 years later. Being an urban soul, she focusses on residential projects in and around Brussels. 

She loves working with local brands and discovered Roomblush when searching for kids wallpaper. Instantly, she was drawn to our color schemes and playful designs. 

From interior idea to 3D model

At the beginning of a design project, Daniela doesn’t have a standardized way to collect ideas. There is always a starting point, like a client’s favorite color or a piece of furniture. Or something that catches Daniela’s eye in the space she will redesign - a detail of the architecture, a view or an object. Once she has the initial idea, she sketches out the concept with mood boards, material samples and schematic floor plans before visualizing the future design in a 3D model.

Jungle | Wallpaper |

Interior combinations with Roomblush sample box 

There are several ways in which she uses the sample box: 

1)    First of all, Daniela draws inspiration from the various samples in the early phases of a new design or decoration project. 
2)    She regularly brings the whole box with her for client meetings, either to present them her wallpaper proposal or to let them browse through the samples by themselves. Sometimes she even give the sample box to the kids while talking to the parents. It's fascinating to see how accurately children know what they want. 
3)    When preparing for the presentation of the design concept, she uses the removable samples to match them with other materials used. They are an important part of the sample board she presents to clients. 
4)    Once she decided on a specific wallpaper with her client, Daniela uses the sample to help her determine the perfect wall color that goes with it.

If you are a Roomblush fan, just like Daniela, this box is a must. It has all the main wallpaper prints in handy A4 format, nicely bundled in a beautiful binder.

Collaboration | Samples |

Ready? Set? Go start wallpapering 

Daniela’s design themes are highly determined by what a particular space means to her clients and how they want to feel in it. After all, it’s their home, their lifestyle and their personality that should be reflected. By coordinating colors, materials and furniture that speak to them, she helps them create a harmonious atmosphere to fill their home with soul.

When choosing a wallpaper design, she does not only follow the underlying color scheme, but also the mood or vibe she would like to create for a particular room. Some clients are brave enough to embrace their little ones’ passion for a specific theme, knowing that their preferences might change the next day. This is the opportunity to go bold on dinosaurs or bunnies. Others prefer a more timeless design that children won’t outgrow that fast. Her choice also depends on the architecture of the space. Should the wallpaper rather play in the background or should it stand out and distract attention away from unfavorable parts of the room? Depending on the pattern and colors, you can make a room look bigger or smaller.

Florine | Wallpaper |

How nice deep diving in Daniela’s way of working 

Thank you Daniela for sharing your thoughts, way of working and interieur experiences. Interesting and adorable to read. Would you like to give your home, office or other room a makeover with Daniela’s advice? Feel free to follow her adventures in and around Brussels. Good luck!



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