Ted's room

Ted's room

BLOG through Bricks on the wall:
A new bedroom for Ted!

Together, we and the boys set about removing the gold dots on Ted's bedroom wall. His room was in desperate need of something new; wallpaper! "Wallpaper? That "wasn’t my thing," I’d always said. But tastes change.

As did my vision on wallpaper. I mentioned in a previous blog that Ted’s room could do with a change. I’m the type of person who actively embraces change. I love moving furniture and accessories about. Not for the sake of moving them in the literal sense, but with a view to restyling the rooms.

Roomblush it is...

Ted's room, however, remained 'unfinished'. I loved the bright green dresser in combination with the underlayment, but missed some warmth and cosiness. I began searching for inspiration on Instagram and my love affair with wallpaper started to blossom. The wallpaper from Roomblush in particular, kept grabbing my attention. Their cute bears, cool pastel shades and gorgeous prints invoked the WOW response time and again. As did their latest 'Tropical' collection.

With that green dresser still firmly in mind, I spotted a print that I wouldn’t usually have considered for Ted’s bedroom. But I couldn't get it out of my head.

I chose for the "Hacienda" wallpaper with a tropical leaf print on a dark blue background. This would return some much-needed warmth to Ted's room; of that I was certain!


Easy peasy


My order had arrived and we could finally make a start. For the sake of our marriage (just kidding), we asked my mother to take care of the children and I set to work with my father. A good choice; we made a great team. My father stood on the ladder, whilst I used a small knife to cut the strips to the correct length.

The wallpaper rolls were numbered and marked with a cutting line, so it was easy peasy. My father had been worried that he’d waste entire strips on trying to align the print, but that had all been taken care of! You simply cut in a straight line along the top of the wallpaper, paste it to the wall, cut at the skirting board and move onto the next strip. Yep, I would have even been comfortable attempting this with Maarten?? 

And now...the final result!

How amazing does that dresser look against the dark print background? This wallpaper not only matches every shade of green, but also blue and pink. I’m absolutely over the moon with it! And, even though it still needs some additional styling, the room feels infinitely more cosy.
Even Ted hasn’t stopped raving about the beautiful wallpaper on his walls! And, most importantly, he sleeps like a baby in his stunning "new" bedroom.


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