Spring-Summer 2020 collection

Spring-Summer 2020 collection

We present our new wallpaper collection for SS20. Inspiration came both from the Far East and the Tropical regions. The Safari print ensures that the house exudes an exciting jungle atmosphere in no time. While Fantasy, Pieces and Layered respond to the Eastern colors and culture.

Marrakesh walls

Moorish influences and lively Souks are the inspiration for Roomblush's new wallpaper. Because traveling is difficult for the time being, we bring the world inside your homes. The latest motifs bring Moroccan atmospheres into your home. Sun and warmth, that is exactly what we need!

The Fantasy wallpaper focusses on the eyes and other parts of the face. the images makes you dream away.

Geometrical shapes and floral elements are key in the Pieces wallpaper. A mix of culture and color. Color provides life and enthusiasm, which is why color is always central to Roomblush collections.

Pastel shades are key in the Layered concept. This print is based on the ceramic glaze that you encounter in Southern regions such as Marrakesh.

Jungle Collection

The Jungle Collection is composed by Ours, Jungle, Panthera and Flora. Tody we add the new "Wild" Safari design. Safari wallpaper brings you in no time in tropical atmospheres. Create a cool nursery with this print featuring tropical plants and wildlife. The wallpaper is available in the three color shades: Bright, Rise and Dusk.



Not such a handyman? No problem! Everyone gets the Roomblush wallpaper onto the wall. Since each roll contains 4 strips, it is not necessary to calculate how to paste the wallpaper. Grab a cup of coffee, put on some nice music and within 1.5 hours you have a completely new wall. The strong non-woven wallpaper is for sale for € 69 a roll. Each roll contains four strips of 50 x 285 cm, which can be used to wallpaper a wall of up to 2 meters wide.

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