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Discover the stunning results of our partnership with Sundae

Discover the stunning results of our partnership with Sundae

Exciting news! Roomblush chose to collaborate with Sundae. This is an initiative of Eline, the founder of Roomblush. A few years ago, Eline chose a new adventure and left Roomblush to found Sundae. The concept in a nutshell? She buys a house and renovates it according to the latest trends. And with success! Of course, Roomblush has the honor of providing the home with magnificent wallpaper. Get ready for the unveiling of the second house: Sundae 2.0. Exciting!

Sundae 2.0

Anyone exploring Sundae's renovated home will immediately pick out the rooms in which our wallpaper adorns. Our wallpaper creates an atmosphere of elegance and personality. Each wallpapered wall feels like a work of art with a magical appeal. What does your dream room look like? Let us inspire you!

Kid’s room

Animals in Frames behang in oker

Walking into this room, you automatically look at the eye-catching print on the right wall. There, our wallpaper Animals in Frames in ochre features on the wall, a playful design available in 8 eight colors. The wallpaper design creates a harmonious whole with the cute animal accents scattered around the room. By choosing the ochre version, the room has a fresh appearance bathed in sunlight. A successful choice!

Kinderkamer dierenaccenten


WallHaus: stylish wallpaper with character

Did you already know this? Roomblush has a sister called WallHaus. With wallpaper from the WallHaus collection, you make a statement. The bold designs and stunning colors leave an unforgettable impression. This is how you leave your mark on your unique living and/or work space. The extensive assortment offers endless possibilities to create your dream home. Sundae also used this assortment to realize the project! The Elvis and Palm Leaves designs put the teen room and master bedroom in a stylish look.

Teen room

Elvis wallpaper

In the teen room, our stunner retro wallpaper retro behang Elvis in multi red immediately stands out. This wallpaper from WallHaus adorns the left wall of the room. Elvis makes a nice combination with the soft autumn tones that were used in the room. The result? An oasis of calm and warmth, with a unique touch! And we don't use the word "unique" lightly, because Elvis is a real winner if you want to go for a distinctive wallpaper. In fact, each strip of this wallpaper can be wallpapered to your own liking. Would you like to change the order of the strips or hang them upside down? It's all possible! This way, every wall with Elvis is a unique specimen. In addition to multi red, Elvis is also available in multi green.

Master bedroom

Palm Leaves WallHaus

When you enter the master bedroom, you are immersed in a balanced combination of different prints and textures. In addition to the textured wall in soothing green and the potted cabinets with their subtle texture, you will find our tropical design Palm Leaves by WallHaus in beige. Those who wake up in this bed will start their day glancing at this beautiful print. Palm Leaves is the ideal candidate for bedrooms that are all about tranquility with a natural touch. The large palm leaves enchant your room into a soothing natural paradise. Would you prefer a little more color anyway? Then go for the green version!


We are super satisfied with the result of this exciting project. We wish the buyer of this beautiful home lots of joy and believe they will build a beautiful collection of new memories in this gem.


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