10 years Roomblush: 10 questions to founder Eline

10 years Roomblush: 10 questions to founder Eline

Roomblush exists 10 years! For this occasion, we asked 10 questions to founder Eline. She started the Roomblush adventure in October 2013. Let her vision inspire you in advance.

Where does your passion for interior design and styling come from? 

I've had it for a long time actually. The cliché of changing your childhood room monthly applied here. Even in digs, I always had ideas. My monthly budget went into CASA visits, one of the only affordable deco and interior design stores at the time (we're talking 2002 here). 

My passion was also paramount in making a study choice. I hesitated between architecture and graphic design. Because I was not very strong technically and mathematically, it became graphic design at Sint-Lucas Antwerp. At that time, drawing programs on 'Macs' were still in their infancy, so the focus was on the conceptual aspect. Result: I still apply that in all my concepts.

Why did you start Roomblush 10 years ago? 

After 8 years of being co-manager in a design agency, I was looking for the link with interior design. During this period, my husband and I also lost our daughter Anouk 2 days after her birth. Our world was upside down. I needed a new adventure in which I could take hold. For this new adventure I was inspired by Ferm Living, a Scandinavian brand with a stimulating approach. To this I added my Flemish influences, and thus Roomblush was born.

Why the name "Roomblush? 

The name consists of 2 English words: room which obviously stands for room, and blush, as in makeup. Together it forms Roomblush, a true makeup turn for your wall! I myself am still very happy with this name ??.


What have you learned from your Roomblush story? 

That authenticity comes first. The brand grew énormously when I reached out to moms on Instagram - who are now called influencers - to publish some pretty pictures of the result in exchange for some wallpaper rolls. The content wasn't perfect, and just that's why it was so real and accessible. That really struck a chord with their followers. 

It was also interesting for me from a budgetary point of view: while I previously had to take a huge chunk out of my budget for studio photography, I could now obtain content at a lower cost. Win-win for both myself, and the moms and their kids who got a beautiful new room. That's the point where we started to grow very quickly.


What are your 3 favorite Roomblush prints of the moment? 

I still have a soft spot for Ours, ParisParis and - from the new collection - Forest Animals.



How do you look back on your Roomblush story?

It was a very positive, educational and fun period in my life. My kids were younger then and got a new wall every 4 months (laughs). Of course, we had to test out the new wallpaper! I am proud that as a Flemish brand we were able to put some beautiful dots on the online world map and I am very grateful that Roomblush continues in the same spirit!

What were your greatest moments during 10 years of Roomblush? 

The launch of Ours, Jungle andFlora.That moment was amazing, because the response then was wpnderful. The launch was massively shared and I felt the power of an online brand and community.



What learning experience(s) from Roomblush are you applying to your new project today?

The authentic content, bringing one story and also daring to adjust when necessary.

How does Roomblush contribute to your new story, Sundae? 

It remains a warm feeling and is a project I am proud to tell about when I pitch to new clients. For example, I also still invariably choose Roomblush wallpaper for Sundae in the children's room.

Animals in Frames

What do you wish the Roomblush team? 

May there be many more dots on the online world map!

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