Bedroom makeover

Bedroom makeover

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When we moved house over three years ago, we opted for lots of white walls. We then gradually began filling those walls with colour, until they eventually resembled a children’s colouring book. Indeed, there’s little white to be found anywhere in our home these days.

But we were recently bitten by the wallpapering bug. And the man of the house, in particular, is getting increasingly better at it. In fact, he often jokes that he could take on a side job as a decorator. But I keep telling him, he needs to get more practice in first.

Until now, we hadn’t wallpapered our bedroom. Because even though I love wallpaper… finding something suitable wasn’t easy. I had literally dozens of wallpaper screenshots on my phone, but couldn't find the right one for our bedroom.

That was until now…

When Roomblush approached me with their new collection, I was genuinely taken by the beautiful warm colours and patterns. And they were also perfect for the encroaching Autumn.

Yet even though I love a makeover, I didn’t have time for painting the entire bedroom from scratch to match a new wallpaper. But… this wallpaper was an exact match to the bedroom’s pink walls.

So the wallpapering project was planned for a Saturday afternoon. I took the kids out and my hubby set to work. He sent me regular updates by WhatsApp, and I was instantly smitten. In addition to the beautiful results, my husband was extremely pleased with the quality of the wallpaper!

As soon as I arrived home, I raced upstairs and: wow… I was absolutely delighted. And it was so nice to see the children’s reactions: what have you been up to?! It’s so lovely!

Our bedroom is now beautiful, warm and inviting… all the more reason for going to bed on time! And dreaming up our next project.

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