30s in a new look

30s in a new look

Guest blog Sofie

We’ve lived in our modern, split-level house in Drenthe since 2017. We moved there from a 1930s period property when Sofie was only 1.5 years old. So, a makeover of her toddler-inspired bedroom was long overdue. We still liked the 1930s vibe of our previous home, so decided to combine old with new in our revamped interior.

When it came to her new bedroom, Sofie had only 1 requirement - a tent (canopy) above her bed. And it had to be pink.. ok check!

So, when Roomblush invited me to launch the wallpaper from their new collection, I jumped at the chance. I immediately sat down with my exacting jury (Sofie) and, together, we chose our top 3 wallpapers from their beautiful new collection. And hurrah! We finally whittled our 3 favourite wallpapers down to 1, and the search for matching colours and styles for Sofie's new bedroom could commence.

Unfortunately, I’m not particularly good at wallpapering, but a friend of ours is a professional painter and decorator and had the wallpaper on our walls within just a few hours. I got stuck into the painting and the various styles came together… a 1930s theme with a modern twist.

We, and Sofie in particular, are extremely happy with the results.
The wallpaper is the perfect match to our interior!
It’s extremely stylish and ideally suited to a children's bedroom, or any other room in your home for that matter.

We’re quite literally tickled pink!!

Love from Essie


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