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Roomblush, unique wallpaper

The Roomblush collection creates enchanting spaces and an intense feeling that moves you and makes you happy. Every room in your house, whether you're after a playful or a formal look, is livened up with colour and sunlight. The unique Roomblush prints provide the final touch. Hip, playful, basic, ... A must for all ages.

Because they matter

Our children are our future and we want to offer them the very best in a fun and sustainable way. That is why we choose to design and produce everything locally. This way we keep our carbon footprint small and we contribute to a liveable world. Our efforts in a nutshell:


Our efforts for a more sustainable world

Local production

We design and produce our products in Belgium. And since we only produce upon order, we do not create any surpluses.

We deliberately choose to send our samples by post to avoid having to use a courier for just a small envelope.


Safe raw materials

We use FSC-certified non-woven wallpaper (without PVC) and we print with water-based inks. This makes our products odourless and safe for health, and therefore ideal to decorate nurseries and children's rooms.