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Copper Wallpaper

Copper, the eye catching colour combination between red and green. This collection will at times also include a hint of terracotta since these colours are so similar.

Transform a child's bedroom into a lovely, copper palace with our Bunnies, Koala or Hearts wallpaper designs.

Do you like artistic, geometric shapes on your walls? Our terracotta Faces and Shapes wallpapers bring your inner artist out. Or opt for our copper Puzzle wallpaper for a design that is guaranteed to continuously surprise.

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Koper behang
RB321 Behang Leavables terracotta - roomblush
Wallpaper Leavables
RB308 Behang koala rise – roomblush
Wallpaper Koala
RB312 Behang Bunnies dark – roomblush
Wallpaper Bunnies
RB278 Behang Garland ocre - roomblush
Wallpaper Garland
Wallpaper Wild Flowers
RB121 Behang Hearts copperblush - roomblush
Wallpaper Hearts
RB283 Behang Faces terracotta - roomblush
Wallpaper Faces
Wallpaper Puzzle
RB302 Shapes-Bruin
Wallpaper Shapes
RB116 Behang Pine needle copperblush - roomblush
Wallpaper Pine Needle
RB101 Behang Grid Copperblush - roomblush
Wallpaper Grid
RB104 Behang Rain copper - roomblush
Wallpaper Rain
RB108 Behang Fluff copperblush - roomblush
Wallpaper Fluff

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