Wallpaper sustainably in one, two, three: discover Roomblush Recycled

Wallpaper sustainably in one, two, three: discover Roomblush Recycled

Tackle your nursery or favourite room using high-quality and creative wallpaper? Thanks to our new Roomblush Recycled collection, you can do that more sustainably than ever. Let our designs inspired by Mother Nature surprise you, discover the benefits of the range and take a peek at our production process. 

We have been producing wallpaper sustainably since the very start of Roomblush: your health and our planet are at the top of our list of priorities. With our new Roomblush Recycled collection, we go a step further, thanks to the expertise and experience of our parent company Grandeco WallHaus Fashion Group. 

Sustainable from start to finish

In the design phase, all Roomblush Recycled designs are inspired by Mother Nature's most beautiful creations, consider pandas, flowers and even mermaids.

Curious to know what the environmentally friendly production stage looks like? You can discover that in the five steps we take as soon as you order your Roomblush Recycled wallpaper:  

Step 1: production to order
We only print the selected wallpaper once you have pressed the 'buy' button. We intentionally chose this made to order principle to avoid surplus stock and waste. 

Step 2: ecological paper
The content of your shopping basket determines which paper we use. If you select our standard range, we print on non-woven paper with the FSC label for sustainable forestry. In Roomblush Recycled's story, other carrier materials play the starring role: we use fibres made of 100% recycled paper or sustainably grown cellulose pulp, a plant-based material. 

If you look closely, you will spot the fibres on the form of subtle specks. Think of recycled envelopes and notebooks, you see them there too. Another difference with our standard collection is that Roomblush Recycled is a bit sturdier. Tip: Place a book or other heavy object on the paper before your start wallpapering. That way, the edges won't curl up.

Recycled | Behang | Roomblush.com

Step 3: environmentally friendly UVgel ink
We print your Roomblush Recycled wallpaper with environmentally friendly UVgel ink. Just like our standard ink, it is completely safe for your nursery or playroom: it is free of chemical substances and meets strict environmental standards.

Step 4: energy-efficient printer
Paper chosen; ink ready to go. The next step for wallpaper from the standard or Roomblush Recycled collection: putting our innovative printer to work, which uses less energy, ink and paper.

Panda Behang | Recycled | Roomblush.com

Step 5: limited transport 
We make every roll of Roomblush locally, in our Belgian home base in Tielt. Fewer kilometres between our site and your address means lower CO2 emissions. We are making a meaningful contribution, if you consider that over 25% of greenhouse gases in the EU are attributable to transport. 

To your health

To protect you and your family's health, we create our collections, including Roomblush Recycled, with high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials. We avoid using plastics such as PVC, so also avoid any hazardous substances. That means sleeping, playing or relaxing in a freshly wallpapered room! 

Curious to know which design from our sustainable collection suits your house best? 


Flowers Behang | Recycled | Roomblush.com

Mermaids Behang | Recycled | Roomblush.com

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