IXXI: Make your own walldecoration

IXXI: Make your own walldecoration

What is about?

Create your very own, personalised wall decoration using IXXI! This highly original DIY kit allows you to mix & match beautiful images to form 1 large, eye-catching collage! You can also add to or change the original as desired, ensuring your interior stays thoroughly up to date! Got some leftover wallpaper and don't know what to do with it? Or are you a creative at heart? Then an IXXI collage is definitely for you!

At Roomblush we enjoy giving everyone the opportunity to contribute to our brand! We recently embarked on a collaboration with Jacoliene Beyer, a creative jack-of-all-trades with her own blog and brimming with fun DIY ideas. For this particular project, Jacoliene set about creating her very own IXXI wall collage... using Roomblush wallpaper!

How does it work?

She first cut a number of wooden boards measuring 20 x 20 cm from MDF. She subsequently pasted her chosen Roomblush wallpaper onto these boards. All that cutting and pasting results in a personalised set of images. Attaching these to a base plate is intricate work, so it’s best to choose a white one. Jacoliene’s IXXI measures approximately 80 x 80 cm, with a base plate of the same size. If you use Velcro from the HEMA to attach the individual images, then you can also change them as desired! And… hey presto! You’ve got your very own wall decoration! 


More about Jacoliene Beyer from 1OAKstyling:

I originally chose for a career in teaching because I was attracted to the diversity of the profession. But I felt much more at home in the interior design world and consequently embarked on an interior styling training programme. I now have my own company called 1OAKstyling, which stands for One Of A Kind; one in a million. Each and every interior is unique; it’s the personal touch that sets it apart. You can find hip and contemporary (home) accessories with a modern twist on the www.1oakstyling.nl website.

Exciting news: I’m currently working on my own baby moccasin design, which will shortly be available for purchase! My styling has become more all-encompassing and more geared towards children and children's rooms since the arrival of my daughter Noa.



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