Heaven on the wall!

Heaven on the wall!

Guest blog by Sanne

I made a little jump when I received a message from Roomblush. I got to work with the wallpaper of the new collection. 

I could choose from a number of beautiful designs. And to be honest, that was quite difficult. If you know Roomblush a little you know that they choose beautiful colors and designs and make sure that it is just a little bit different. 

We have been living in our new home in Dieren for over half a year now. An existing house where we really still need to give it our own twist. I'm from Enschede myself, so I moved to a village and a different province. But fortunately this totally feels like home. There are still some rooms that are not quite finished and we still have a lot of bare walls. So this collaboration with Roomblush came at just the right time!

For a while I had the plan to create a nice workspace in the attic. I wanted unity with color, but also a space that radiates tranquility. The wallpaper that I chose fits very well with the atmosphere that I wanted to create in this space.  

I love interior design and I like to completely overhaul things on a regular basis. Before I got the wallpaper, I had already thought in my head about how it was going to look. I really wanted a large oak desk combined with natural materials such as marble, gray, accessories and plants. 

Now I do not have two right hands but wallpapering is still quite a challenge for me. So for this project I had to look sweetly at my father. Since we have lived here he has helped us out with many different projects. So the moment I sent him a message asking if he had time for a day somewhere in the next two weeks, you can already guess that my dad saw me coming. But luckily he was just as excited as I was!  

If you are like me and not so passionate about wallpaper. On the website of Roomblush I found a very useful wallpaper tutorial. This instruction is super nice. The wallpaper is of really nice solid quality and is super tight on the wall. The strips of the wallpaper are numbered and separated by a dotted line. Wallpapering becomes so easy and fun, even if you are not very handy. 

A room where I could work on my creativity in peace and quiet but where you can also sit down and read a book or work quietly. With the wallpaper of Roomblush the room is completely finished and I am very happy with the end result. The wallpaper gives so much atmosphere through the different colors of pink and the pattern that does not run all the way to the top gives a really cool effect. 

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