Decoration with pastels? Yes of course!

Decoration with pastels? Yes of course!

Fancy more than 1 colour in your room? Pastel shades are all the rage. These subtle candy colours come into their own on your walls and interior. Regardless of whether you choose for a solitary pastel shade or a variety of different colours: they’re guaranteed to shine. And who says pastels have to be pretty? Combined in the right way, they can make a powerful statement. Pastel colours are also extremely popular in Scandinavian style interiors.

Pastels are all the rage and a must for any modern interior!

Did you know - colour is the first thing that we see in an interior. We only notice the shape and structure of the home accessories & furniture afterwards.

Our new Roomblush-mini collection features gorgeous pastels and whimsical colours inspired by the 1950s. Pastel shades are soft and inviting, and lend a warm and cosy glow to every room.

They can be at once vibrant and subtle. Lighter pastel shades, such as powder blue, mint green and antique pink, linger discretely in the background for a fresh and soothing interior. More pronounced pastel shades on the other hand, such as olive green and banana yellow, are sunnier in nature and inject welcome zest to your room.

Pastel shades are wonderfully soft making them pleasingly easy to combine. Light-coloured pastels are ideal for those choosing a subtle colour palette that isn’t limited to cream and beige.

Tip: Combining salmon and lilac tones with black and white graphic patterns, such as circles and stripes, makes an extremely powerful statement. Pastels are also the ideal complement to pure, raw materials such as concrete floors or brick walls. You can alternatively combine pastels with darker colours, such as antique pink with black, for exceptionally chic results.

Are you as sold on these cute candy colours as we are?

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