By Sanne

By Sanne

Guest blog Styled by Sanne

I’d recently given Beau's room a much-needed makeover, but was unhappy with the results. The wall colour was too dark and I was fed up with the panelling. So what now? I was struggling to find a paint colour that I thought; yes this is the one! I was keen to retain the same colour palette of ochre, denim blue, grey and dark blue. I’d already tried both grey and denim drift on the walls (without success), and didn’t fancy an entire wall of ochre or dark blue. My paint chapter had reached its natural conclusion and it was time for something new: wallpaper!


There was no wallpaper anywhere in the house and I was completely oblivious to the possibilities. There was simply so much choice! The Roomblush wallpaper collection really stood out. I discovered Roomblush via Instagram and was an instant fan. Such gorgeous colours and prints. If a second child ever comes along and I get to decorate another room, then I think I’d plump for the yellow line in combination with grey. It’s so lovely and fresh!! It was a bit too pretty for Beau though, so I opted for the more striking "Wild Forest Blue". The Roomblush service was fantastic and my wallpaper arrived in next to no time. What now?


I now had to roll up my sleeves and pluck up the courage to commence my first ever wallpapering project. I sent Beau to stay with friends and my boyfriend left for the office, so I could work in relative peace. I started by browsing some online tips and tricks as preparation. Roomblush makes wallpapering extremely easy by numbering the strips of wallpaper. This avoids any issues with aligning the patterns. You simply cut along the dotted line and paste the strips directly onto the wall. Of course, you first need to apply the paste, otherwise you’ll have a job making it stick. I started wallpapering from the middle of the wall, which is the best tip ever! Especially if your house is old like ours and the wall’s aren’t completely straight. If you work from the middle, this isn’t a problem. So, there I was: busy wallpapering for the very first time in my life! I never imagined I'd enjoy it so much. It’s a lovely job for a Saturday afternoon, particularly when you admire the results. My boyfriend wondered if my enthusiasm now meant that I was planning to paper every square inch of the house… never say never, right ?!

The numbering makes this wallpaper exceptionally easy to use!


I’m so happy with the results. The wallpaper gives the illusion of added height and space. And the background is serene, which accentuates the print without being too busy. I had a new chest of drawers and bed in mind when choosing this wallpaper. I love the way the colours of the wooden furniture combine with the wallpaper. It works really well… even if I do say so myself. The dresser is light and understated, affording the wallpaper centre stage in Beau's beautiful new bedroom. I can't wait to show it to him this afternoon.

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