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Boys~Girls room

Boys~Girls room

We have to be honest... We’re the worst at wallpapering, BY FAR! 

Creative as I am, I was sooo excited when I picked up the wallpaper rolls at the parcel shop. And of course, I couldn’t wait to get started. “Let’s do it, I really can’t wait!” But reason told me to calm down. Nice wallpaper deserves good preparation. Also because we had never wallpapered before! So I really enjoyed reading all the blogs on the Roomblush website. They all looked so beautiful and made it seem so easy! A piece of cake! 

First of all, we sent the kids on a playdate!
It turned out that we had got off to a great start already – or rather not – by buying the wrong adhesive. The wallpaper instructions clearly stated we needed the Perfax adhesive. We only saw polystyrene wall adhesive at the shop and thought that would be fine. However, once we opened the jar, we had our doubts. It seemed more like a sort of putty than adhesive, but hey... We took our chances. 
Spreading it out was quite the task. We applied two strips and were reassured by a call to the local DIY store, but in the end, we gave up. “F*** it, this is not working. We’ll get something else”.
Eventually, we found the right Perfax adhesive, and it turned out to be a piece of cake.

Still, my husband had his own thoughts about wallpapering: “Honey, I love you and want to support you in everything you do. But no more wallpapering.” 
I gave him a smile. Roomblush has such beautiful wallpaper, so I absolutely disagree.
But hey, I suppose it’s OK to get someone to do the job for you! I’ve heard that the ladies from ‘Mothersofthehome’ are really good at that. So, I’ll remember for next time! 

I’m really happy with the print! It perfectly matches the black panelling we already had in the cool jungle-themed room of our four-year-old, Mathis. For almost a year now, he’s been sharing his room with his sister Romy, who is 11 months. I was looking for something to create a corner just for her, but despite all the great ideas I had found on the internet, I was still not sure, Then I saw the Leopard print by Roomblush. I instantly fell in love! There are so many beautiful colours that I could hardly choose. Eline Rousseau from Roomblush choose the Leopard Bordeaux-Nude print for us, which blends in perfectly with the rest of the room, while still adding a feminine touch. It was almost as if she knew our interior. It was meant to be! 

And most importantly... Mathis reaaaally loves it too! Wow!

So even if it doesn’t always work out the first time, don’t let it deter you from choosing wallpaper. Just GO FOR IT! It adds so much more warmth and cosiness to a room. It took blood, sweat and tears, but it was really worth it! Once the kids have their own room later on, we will definitely get more Roomblush wallpaper! I’m happy to share the result with you below. 

Love, Tatjana M.


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