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Blog from BRIHOOG

Blog from BRIHOOG

Wallpaper from Roomblush!! So beautiful and so much choice!!
We’re not very experienced at DIY and didn’t want to hang such lovely wallpaper on the walls before we knew what we were doing!

I took my time selecting a wallpaper that we both liked and was suitable for every room in the house! We eventually plumped for "Hearts Copperblush".
We might not be professional decorators (not by any stretch of the imagination), but we still like to try new things! So, I eventually came up with the idea of pasting the wallpaper onto a portable panel.

That way, if it didn't work first time, we’d have enough wallpaper for a new panel and we wouldn’t spoil an entire roll of wallpaper or a complete wall. The people from Roomblush had assured us that hanging their wallpaper wasn’t that difficult. And they were right! We placed the panel on the floor, coated it with wallpaper paste and began papering. My boyfriend did one half and I did the other. We took some time to carefully align the pattern and hey presto!

We first installed the panel against the soft grey wall behind the dining table for added oomph, but it now has pride of place behind Olivia's cot! She’s mesmerised by the cheerful print and often tries reaching out to touch it through the bars.

I’m passionate about interior design and love to change things around every once in a while. The wall between the windows is exactly the same size as the panel and thus a promising contender. As is the bedroom, or the wall next to the wardrobe in Olivia's room...the panel is extremely versatile and the possibilities are endless!! 

I now wish I’d taken the plunge and tackled an entire wall! Because it’s such a stunning wallpaper and makes such a huge impact! But that's for next time, when I’ll finally bite the bullet and transform myself into a budding handy woman!

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