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Bedroom make-over

Bedroom make-over

Mariel Mulder from the Netherlands set to work on her bedroom makeover using our Autumn Leaves peachy pink wallpaper!

View the results of her stunning restyle below. The clever use of white and wood in combination with this tranquil wallpaper print ensures a fresh and minimalist bedroom. This wallpaper is suitable for both grownups’ and children’s rooms alike. It also comes in blue and green, meaning there’s something for everyone!

Guest blog from Mariel Mulder:

As happy as I was with our white-themed bedroom, after 7 years it was time for something new… You could call it the 7-year itch :) When Eline from Roomblush emailed me the prints from the new wallpaper collection I was instantly sold. There were so many beautiful colours and patterns! I wanted to keep the bedroom light, so the Autumn Leaves Pink wallpaper was the obvious choice. This soft nude shade would inject the warmth that our bedroom was currently lacking. The planning could therefore begin! The Pink Nudity colour from Flexa had been on my wish list for a while and was the perfect complement to the Autumn Leaves wallpaper. I was keen to find a solution for the hole in the wall created by our DVD player next to the television, which had been bugging me for a while. There was also a rack behind the door, which protruded just a little too far and on which a variety of items had accumulated. It looked a little bit messy, so I resolved to tackle that corner as well.

By the time the wallpaper arrived, I’d already purchased the paint and a wooden slat to hide the hole in the wall. Work on our new bedroom could therefore commence! I first painted a wall panelling effect up to the edges of the DVD hole using the Pink Nudity colour. I subsequently hung the wallpaper at right angles. It was the first time I’d attempted to wallpaper a wall and I was doing it alone. Fortunately, the Roomblush wallpaper is incredibly easy to use! It’s simply a question of pasting the wall and then carefully applying the paper. Once the wallpaper was neatly in place, I cut the wooden plank to size and glued it to the wall using a sealant. Bye-bye ugly hole, hello beautiful wall!

Styling could finally begin. I returned my homemade clothes rack to its former position, where it was now set against the gorgeous backdrop of the Roomblush wallpaper! I hung my straw summer hat over the thermostat, which was the perfect match to all the light wood in the bedroom. Thanks to my freshly-applied Roomblush wallpaper, the corner behind the door required no further decoration. So I could now concentrate on styling the cabinet that housed the underfloor heating distributor using a stack of my favourite - and most aesthetically-pleasing - books, a plant and the first letters of my first and last names. I also draped a lovely Imbarro plaid blanket over the bed to create a warm and cosy ambience.

The new wallpaper and matching colours on the wall have made me fall in love with our wonderfully light bedroom all over again!

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