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Yellow Wallpaper

Bring some sunshine into your favourite room by opting for a yellow wallpaper design. Our yellow wallpaper designs look great in a retro interior. Create a sense of romance in your home with our Fluff, Stars or Pineapple wallpaper designs.    

If you are a fan of light yellow or pastel yellow you can transform your room into a happy place with our Sweet Clouds or Feathers wallpaper designs.  

Discover our complete yellow range here.

Geel behang
RB189 Behang wild forest yellow - roomblush
Wallpaper Wild forest
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB128 Behang Sweet Clouds yellow - roomblush
Wallpaper Sweet Clouds
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB087 Behang Stars Yellow - roomblush
Wallpaper Stars
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB150 Behang Pineapple yellow - roomblush
Wallpaper Pineapple
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB103 Behang Grid yellow - roomblush
Wallpaper Grid
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB11 Behang Fluff yellow - roomblush
Wallpaper Fluff
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB067 Behang Confetti Orangegreen - roomblush
Wallpaper Confetti
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB079 Behang Blossom Mustardpink - roomblush
Wallpaper Blossom
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)