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Brown Wallpaper

Use one of our brown wallpaper designs to create a homely and comfortable ambiance in any room.  

The Ours wallpaper with bears is ideal if you would like to create a dark brown wall or the romantic Into Fall wallpaper. 

The latest Wilderniss wallpaper could be your perfect choice if you would like to add a subtle beige or light brown twist to your favourite room. 

Discover our complete range of brown wallpapers here! 

Bruin behang
RB325 Behang Florine rise - roomblush
Wallpaper Florine
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB327 Behang Wilderniss Soft - roomblush
Wallpaper Wilderniss
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB309 Behang koala dusk – roomblush
Wallpaper Koala
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB305 Behang Bunnies rise – roomblush
Wallpaper Bunnies
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB237 Behang Stripes Nude - roomblush
Wallpaper Stripes
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB247 Behang Safari Rise - roomblush
Wallpaper safari
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB270 Behang Into Fall terracotta - roomblush
Wallpaper Into Fall
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB066 Behang Confetti Browngrey - roomblush
Wallpaper Confetti
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB242 Behang Bloom Nude - roomblush
Wallpaper Bloom
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)
RB310 Behang ours dusk – roomblush
Wallpaper Ours
€14,75/m2 (€84,00 / Roll)