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What I’ve learned over the past six months, is that I tend to put myself last. I pay far less attention to my appearance than I did before I was a mum. In contrast, the kids’ wardrobe is positively overflowing with lovely things and the boys' bedrooms receive much more attention than our own. So, it was time to start considering myself again. And, where others might treat themselves to a brand-new set of clothes, I prefer tinkering with the house. I love rearranging the furniture and accessories to create a totally new look and feel. But this time I didn’t want to stop at merely shuffling things around, and decided to wallpaper our bedroom. We’d already transformed Ted's bedroom into a jungle, simply by wallpapering one wall, so I was determined to make more use of wallpaper. It’s really amazing how a single wall can transform an entire room.

As I said, it was my turn. So, as much as my son Mats wanted new wallpaper for his room, he’d just have to wait. I was first in line. Our bedroom had been the same for years; dull and sterile. Which was fine, but I was now ready for some warmer shades and a cosier ambience. I was also keen to do things differently, using upcycled products. I stumbled upon a mahogany shelf at the local charity shop and an idea was born; I would hang it to the right of centre, directly above Maarten's head (no there was no ulterior motive, I promise) on a warm pink bedroom wall. And then I came across Roomblush's Palmleaves wallpaper. Precisely the colour that I’d envisaged and a perfect match to the shelf.

Yeah! Wallpaper in our bedroom! In my previous blog, I described how Maarten and I tackled our first wallpapering job using Roomblush wallpaper. Although, Maarten wasn’t quite brave enough to tackle the work himself* and sent me to my father, who was too busy plastering his kitchen to help. But I simply had to have this wallpaper and have it NOW!

So, there was only one thing for it; I’d have to go it alone. And I was determined to succeed. I couldn’t find anyone to mind the kids, but was in good spirits and had the added benefit of two enthusiastic helpers. We started on a Thursday morning; the bed served as a fence that prevented the boys from straying and enabled me to work in relative peace. They were actually on their best behaviour and even provided some occasional assistance. Within just a few hours, I’d papered the entire bedroom wall. And, even if I do say so myself, it looks extremely professional and achieves the desired result. I’m proud of myself and another successful project. Onwards and upwards!

*I don't want to sell Maarten too short; he was actually just too busy. But, stubborn as I am, I simply couldn’t wait any longer.

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