Scott’s new boy's room

Scott’s new boy's room

Blog by Annelies Dorsman

A few weeks ago, I suddenly felt that Scott's bedroom was too austere and uninviting. I realised that it was time to transform it into a much more cosy boy's room. This weekend, we finally assembled the wardrobe and hung the last wall hook; the makeover of Scott's room was complete. Fancy taking a sneak peek?

A sneak peek inside a jungle-themed bedroom

You’d never know it from the way he interacts with our dog Harry, but Scott loves animals. Providing they’re in the zoo, that is. Which was why I was convinced that his restyled boy’s bedroom should have an animal-based theme. Once i clapped eyes on Roomblush's new wallpaper collection, I was more certain than ever: the Panthera wallpaper was perfect. It consequently formed the basis for the entire makeover. His bedroom now features a variety of colourful animals: on the wallpaper, the wall hook, the walls and the floor. Hanging the roomblush wallpaper was an absolute breeze! The material is of a good quality and sticks readily to the walls. We were even able to wallpaper Scott's room without the usual marital bickering. We’re definite fans, ha ha!

Colour scheme

Scott loves blue. Which is why we painted the wall in his little "house" (the alcove under which he sleeps) in the deep blue whale colour from mommy paint. This quick-drying paint is completely free from harmful substances and thus suitable for use in your nursery or children’s bedroom and by those who are pregnant. It was an instant improvement on the previous plain white wall and injected some much-needed warmth to the room. The Panthera wallpaper from Roomblush features subtle green dots and brightly coloured orange panthers. In addition to the animal items, i finished his room using green and yellow accessories. I also created new versions of the two DIY objects that i made for Skye's room? Did you spot them?

Where can you buy the items shown?

Curious where you can purchase the fun interior design items and accessories shown? Check out my shopping list below: 

Panthera wallpaper: Roomblush
Whale wall paint: Mommypaint
Toddler bed: Little Dreamers
Whale: Klein en Stoer
Giraffe Poster  : Studio Hoeked
Stool : Kidsdepot
Lion rug: Zeeman
Metal tub: unknown
Blue basket: Hema
Storage baskets with text: Zeeman
Blue shelf: Kidsdepot
Birhtday Poster: Mr. Starsky
Flower Pots: Hema
Poster ABC: Jurianne Matter
Desk: Plyconic
Chair: Piet Hein Eek
Yellow basket: Action (pompoms: DIY)
Green and white organisers: Kidsdepot
Wardrobe: Woood
Tiger Wall Hook: KitschKitchen
Name Flag: Studio Sijm
Leather Football: Muji
Paper storage bag: CarlijnQ
Slide: Arthur and Friends

And yes, I took way too many pictures as usual. So scroll down at your leisure!


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