Let the Bunnies hop through your children's room

Let the Bunnies hop through your children's room

Guest blog by Saskia


I fell instantly in love with one of the wallpapers from the Roomblush collection! In cool, up-to-the-minute colours (I simply adore Camel!) and a gorgeous print.

Once the new Bunnies wallpaper arrived, I was itching to see it adorn my walls!

However, there was a slight ‘hitch.’ I’d never actually hung any wallpaper before and it wasn’t exactly my boyfriend’s favourite pastime either. The artful dodger made sure that he was busy playing football on the very evening I’d set aside for our wallpapering project.

I'm definitely not the most handy person when it comes to DIY, so I did some preparatory work to ensure at least passable results.


Clear wallpaper instructions 

Fortunately the Roomblush website contains clear, straightforward wallpapering instructions Amongst other things, they explain in which order to paste the strips, and in which direction to hang them.

I also watched a number of instructional videos, specifically on how to hang non-woven wallpaper with a print. These tutorials furnished me with some handy tips, such as what tools you need to successfully complete a wallpapering project, how to hold the roll when applying the wallpaper to the wall, and how to neatly trim the top and bottom of each strip.


I subsequently set to work on hanging my new wallpaper. Strip by strip, as per the instructions.

The instructions were actually extremely easy to follow, even for a novice wallpaperer like myself (thank goodness!).

It also helped that the wallpaper was of such a beautiful, durable quality. It didn’t ‘flap’ about in all directions.

Product Bunnies Behang

In fact, I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process!

Roomblush’s clear, straightforward instructions and high-quality wallpaper guarantee quick and flawless results…for solo wallpaperers and those with more helpful boyfriends alike ;)

Thank you Saskia for writing this enthusiastic blog. 

Enjoy these cute Bunnies with your boyfriend ;-)

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