Fresh Eucalyptus wall

Fresh Eucalyptus wall

Guest blog by Renate from Nine Dots Interieurontwerp:

I was absolutely thrilled (and, truth be told, slightly honoured) when Roomblush selected me to try out their 2020 collection in my home! I’m a real fan of Roomblush wallpaper and it’s often an integral component of my interior design advice. Roomblush wallpaper is unlike any other; their cheerful designs and gorgeous colours are guaranteed to be a genuine eye-catcher in every interior!

I had a hard time stopping myself from grabbing the box out of the hands of the parcel deliverer and impatiently opening it. How beautiful! Even more beautiful than the images Roomblush had sent!! As you can probably imagine, I couldn't wait to get started. I decided that the best spot for the wallpaper was in our kitchen, above the bench. It’s a perfect match to the Early Dew wall colour that I’d applied there as panelling.

By the way, I must confess: Hubby is the wallpaperer in our household. As well as the painter. And the carpenter... In fact, I think up new projects and he executes them… time and again. And with a considerable degree of love and patience, I might add. That’s the price of living with an interior designer I guess...

Fortunately, Roomblush's wallpaper is easy to hang. There are 4 strips per roll and each strip is numbered for ease of use. You simply can’t go wrong! This time I wanted to do something more original, so we pasted the wallpaper around a corner to create a cosy niche. It required a little more effort, but the result was impressive.

Even before the paper had time to dry, I was already busy with the styling. That gorgeous green combines effortlessly with the warm terracotta that’s increasingly creeping into my home.

The attractive rug and rattan mirror lend the room a distinctly botanical air. What an inviting corner it’s become!

When our daughter came home from school and saw the new wallpaper, she immediately demanded it in her room too (I wonder who she got that from?). And it’s just as lovely there.

Yep, we’re truly delighted with the end result. What do you think?

Love Renate


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