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We love Nude

We love Nude

Guest blog by Shannon:

The instant that Roomblush shared a sneak preview of their new 2020 collection, I knew it was for me!

It must be said: you have to truly fall in love with a print. It has to genuinely capture your imagination. We were lucky enough to be invited to try out KELIM. And I can honestly say that it was love at first sight. All kidding aside, it was almost as if this print had been made for our daughter Meggie's bedroom.

The wallpaper’s nude colours were the perfect complement to the spiced honey colour, the wooden accents, as well as the refurbished, vintage dresser. It is an exceptionally small room, so you have to think carefully and make the right design choices. What looks good? And, likewise, what does not? The wallpaper consequently became the eye-catcher. The first thing that you notice as you walk past is the chest of drawers. But once you enter the room: BOOM! The wallpaper hits you. Its gold and neutral accents also exude a warm and inviting ambience.

As always, I could not wait to get stuck in with the task at hand. The children were happily playing downstairs, leaving me free to make a start. A start that also came to a speedy end. I was unstoppable. In fact, I was able to complete the job in one fell swoop. The packaging clearly specified which strips required ‘reverse’ hanging. Which was ideal, because otherwise I would have made a complete mess of the entire wall! The strips were also conveniently numbered, avoiding any unnecessary confusion. Even the corners went swimmingly. Although, I must admit, I held my breath with every strip of wallpaper that I hung.

Fortunately, you need not be a professional wallpaper hanger with this wallpaper. And, the results are impressive, even if I do say so myself!


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