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Complete re-style of Salomé’s bedroom

Complete re-style of Salomé’s bedroom

Guest blog by Laura

Salomé turned 3 last February! Her toddler years were coming to a close. That old cliché is true; time really does fly! Three years old! We were wondering what to buy her for her birthday, when we spotted a beautiful house bed that a fellow Instagram Influencer had for sale. I fell instantly in love with it and just knew that it’d make the perfect present. Stefan agreed. So, off we went to Baarn to collect it. Which was a big adventure for Salomé. And for us. Indeed, it only just fit in our car. Baarn is suddenly a long way when you’re squashed in the back of a car with a slatted bed frame ha-ha.

It was a great present though. Our little girl was so proud. A big, grown-up bed of her own! She was, and still is, extremely pleased with it. I’d had my eye on the gorgeous Roomblush collection for some time, because I was planning to wallpaper her bedroom. Her room is exceptionally spacious, especially for a children's bedroom. Wallpaper fills a room in a playful way. So, when Roomblush sent me a message asking if I’d like to promote a wallpaper from their new collection, I didn't need asking twice! It would be the perfect finishing touch for Salomé’s bedroom.

It was a case of ‘no sooner said than done’. This Shapes pattern was an excellent match to the style of the room; inviting, playful (you can be a bit more experimental in a children's bedroom), yet timeless, nonetheless. I can see this wallpaper on her walls for many years to come, even when she’s older. I decorated the room with plants, pink accents and her ubiquitous cuddly toys. And yes: I did remove her beloved Dikkie Dik for the photos (because it was orange). It was the only one that didn’t match the new colour scheme. I left the rest of the room as it was. Apart from tidying away all her books of course!

I’m absolutely thrilled with the results! The wallpaper came from Roomblush #laurahindrikscollab, but I purchased everything else myself.

The wallpaper is extremely easy to hang and produces seamless results!


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