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In the jungle...

In the jungle...

StyleStek guest blog

I’ve been living in my current home for 2.5 years now. A lot has changed in terms of interior décor during that time. I personally prefer a fresh look, with lots of white and an occasional splash of colour. I tend to add that colour using accessories, such as posters, children's drawings, paintings, cushions and my gorgeous blue curtains. I’ve also accumulated a large number of plants.

Nevertheless, I felt that the space around the homemade white table for our children was too bare. I’d sourced a large blackboard from a flea market, which made the room a little more cosy, but it still lacked something. I’d been following the beautiful wallpaper prints on the Roomblush Instagram page for some time, when I spotted the Palmleaves blue print from their new collection. It was the perfect match to my blue curtains and plants. The background was also in that fresh white that I’m so fond of. An entire wall would have been too much, but a few strips would add a playful touch and complete the overall picture.

So Palmleaves blue it was and I set to work. Our living room is 3.45 metres high, so it was quite a challenge. Fortunately, I have a tall husband and a long ladder. Each roll contained 4 x 2.85-metre strips but, with a little cut and paste work, I managed to match them up! That way I could get three strips out of one roll, which was exactly what I needed. I was careful to paste the extra pieces at the top instead of at the bottom, so that they’d be even less noticeable, and now that it’s finished, you really can’t see them. I also wallpapered under the table for continuity.


Wat staat het behang mooi in combinatie met het oude schoolbord. Ben erg blij met hoe deze kleuren bij elkaar passen. Vervolgens heb ik een rond plankje van de Ikea die ik nog in huis had liggen op de muur geplaatst met daarop een plant. Deze plant kan nu goed naar beneden groeien. Het resultaat is dat voor mij nu ook dit gedeelte van de woonkamer mooi in balans is!

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Irene vertelt ons over haar recente slaapkamer-make over. Een beetje me (you)-time is zeker welkom als ouders :) "Wat ik heb geleerd in het afgelopen halfjaar is dat ik mezelf nog al eens vergeet."