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Roomblush in ActiefWONEN and Nest!

Roomblush in ActiefWONEN and Nest!

Roomblush is mentioned in two magazines this month! We would like to tell you guys a bit more about it…


We are mentioned in the March number of ActiefWONEN with a very nice article, ActiefWONEN is a Belgian magazine where you can find everything about interior and lifestyle. Katrien Depoorter wrote about how Roomblush started with the whole adventure and where it stands now. Katrien also wrote about the fact that Roomblush is going to move to a bigger place with a beautiful showroom. You can find us in the Herderstraat 4 in Roeselare!


In addition we are also mentioned in Nest, in the file ‘colour’. The stylists from Nest explored the possibilities to give your interior a nice little boost and the wallpaper from Roomblush is mentioned! We are standing next to big brands like H&M home, IKEA, Dille & Kamille, … We like!




Roomblush in Nest

Roomblush in Nest

Thanks for reading!

Xo Roomblush

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