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Real wall

Real wall

Small review of a client:

Non woven wallpaper. What a game changer, knowing that if we ever did want to update it comes off cleanly. This grey leopard print wallpaper is staying up for good. We’ve had so many comments, “Is that wallpaper? It looks so realistic”.

We are so in love with this one, it’s safari meets the north. The wallpaper compliments everything we have in OZI’s playroom. It initially was the background for our ballpit, now for their kitchen play area. I just want to put everything we have against this beautiful backdrop.

A first time wallpaper user here and I absolutely have no regrets with both quality and style. Thank you RoomBlush for the beautiful artwork you create.

Thank you again Eline. I mean everything in the review, your wallpaper has brought so much joy into our home.

Warm wishes,
Shinta, follow her on Instagram @mama_and_triplets