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It’s so amazing to scroll down on Pinterest and see all the beautiful pictures. Pinterest is a source of inspiration for Roomblush. Besides that, Pinterest is also an interesting social media channel for companies who sell a visual product, just like us!


Recently we updated our Pinterest account. Before this could happen, we had to do a little research. There are hundreds tips & tricks to find on the Internet about how you can improve your Pinterest account. Here are some tips that Roomblush remembered and would like to share with you:

Relevant content

It’s all about images on Pinterest. Don’t pin a random picture. Your images will end up in a flow of beautiful images, and that’s where yours must stand out! That’s why you need to choose an image with a substantial quality. It’s important that your pictures attract your followers and your potential followers.

Stay active!

Besides Facebook & Instagram is Pinterest also a very interesting channel for Roomblush. To be visible on Pinterest it’s important that you pin a lot and spread your pins on the different bords you have. In the world of Pinterest it makes no sense to post 100 pictures one day and none the other day. Try to pin everyday, that way, Pinterest sees you as an active pinner which helps with the ranking of your pins throughout the different searching results.


Less is more! This is also the truth with Pinterest. It can absolutely do no harm if you want to delete some older pictures. Some people are anxious to remove their old pins because they are afraid that they will lose followers and content. This is not the case, removing old and not relevant pins is a good thing for your Pinterest account. This creates better content for your followers.

cushion LITTLE girl


These are the tips that Roomblush uses on their Pinterest account! Do you guys have any tips that you would like to share? Let us know. Hopefully you found this a nice blog post!

Xo Roomblush