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Fabulous autumn leaf crafts

Fabulous autumn leaf crafts

Autumn is such a beautiful season for so many reasons including the colours changing and the leaves falling. The whole scenery around you changes, perhaps more than any other season. We especially love autumn because all those falling leaves mean endless crafting opportunities.

As the weather turns cooler and we spend more time inside, these leaves are just the perfect thing to play with. There is an endless supply so we can craft away for weeks!  For a simple autumn craft we’re loving the quirky painted leaves pictured here under. Grab a bunch of leaves in different shapes and sizes and paint on as many funny faces as you can.

Here are lots more autumn leaf crafts:

Autumn leaves make beautiful decorations so why not make a leaf mobile? The leaves can be preserved to last for months. And to make it even more fun for the kids, let them paint the leaves before preserving them.


Every kid loves playing with glitter so they will love this glitter leaf craft.  Simple to do and the kids can get as creative and colourful as they like. How about a rainbow glitter leaf?

Which one will you try first?


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